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In this time, $FLOKI and its follower is creating a huge history in cryptocurrency. A tale about most popular viking ship, called $FLOKISHIP will comes and accompanies $FLOKI to the final destination, Valhalla

With $FLOKI leading the way and FLOKISHIP leading the charge, there is no limit to what this cryptocurrency can achieve. The automatic buyback and burn feature ensures that the value of $FLOKISHIP will continue to increase over time, making it one of the most valuable assets in your investment portfolio.

Investing in $FLOKISHIP is not just a financial decision, it’s an opportunity to be part of something historic. As the world watches in awe at the incredible success of this cryptocurrency, you will be one of the few who had the vision to invest early and reap the rewards.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Invest in $FLOKISHIP now and watch your investment grow exponentially.

When the big wave hits, Flokiship will make the ultimate move by making an automatic rebuy of $25,000 and burning all the way pumping Flokiship’s board all the way to VALHALLA!

Join the ranks of the world’s most successful investors and set sail with $FLOKISHIP. The journey to Valhalla has begun, and you can be a part of it.

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4% Floki Ship fuel
Buybacks into chart
1% team


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upcoming plans

upcoming plans

Phase 1

Launch Website
Open Telegram Group
Open SocialsPresale Marketing Begins
Presale live on Pinksale
Prelaunch Marketing Begins

Phase 2

Launch on Pancakeswap
Post launch Partnerships
CMC Listing
CG Listing
NFT mystery box launch

Phase 3

Community events and giveaways
Twitter and YouTube Marketing Begins
Swap Goes Live
More partnerships
Defi App Goes Live


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